Maddie and Wynn

Maddie and Wynn

– change, Culture, and Career Exploration for Teens –

About the author and developer

Terresa Augustine has been writing, editing, and publishing non-fiction and training material for 30+ years. The Adventures of Maddie Leon is her first fiction novel and series. Complementing her writing and publishing background has been a career in business and community development for profit, not-for-profit, and NGO’s in Canada and abroad. You can learn more about Terresa’s past and present activities at taledi.ca/enterprise

Note from the author

Creating the series and complementary resources provided opportunity to immerse myself in the teen years of radical change and share with readers the reward of staying true to your inner compass despite unexpected events, change or adversity encountered in life. I hope Maddie Leon and her friends will inspire you to pay attention to the path your on and encourage you to learn more about the people, places, and possibilities that surround you.”  – Terresa Augustine

Anticipated release: December, 2020 info@maddie-and-wynn.com


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