Maddie and Wynn

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About the Developer

As part of her community and corporate leadership, Terresa Augustine (nee Davis) has been writing, editing, and publishing non-fiction and technical material for 20+ years. The Adventures of Maddie Leon with its complementary worldmaking is her first foray into fiction. Complementing her leadership and writing experience is academic and practical work in business development, community capacity building, cross-cultural relations, career development, and well-being. You can learn more about Terresa’s past and present activities at

Note from Terresa Augustine

“I chose to write The Adventures of Maddie Leon series under my given name, Terresa Davis, as a way to explore time lost in my own life due to a head injury sustained in an auto accident. Creating the series and its complementary resources provided opportunity to immerse myself in the youthful years of radical change and share with readers the reward of staying true to your inner compass despite unexpected uncertainties and adversities encountered in life. I hope Maddie Leon and her friends will inspire you to pay attention to the path your on and encourage you too get to know the people, places, and possibilities that surround you.”  – Terresa Augustine (nee Davis

Table of Contents

Chapters 1 – 7

Best Summer Ever | Graduation Day | My Life Sucks |
Maddie's Moving | Packing Up | Canada Day | Goodbye Vancouver |

Chapter 8 - 15

Who are You? | Jojo Kofi Afram |  Lima, Peru  | Grandpa's World Map Surquilla Market | Wynn the Peruvian Dog | HBIPS |  Taco Night |

Chapter 16 - 21

TGIF | Stranded | The Carmelites | Jojo's Cooking Competition |
Market Day | Maddily Modified Reconfigured |

Chapter 22 - 25

Meme and Victor | On Assignment | Lost | Now What? |

Anticipated release: December, 2020

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