Maddie and Wynn



Aspiring Video-Journalist What is Video-Journalism? Where you can learn to use your video camera and how to be a journalist by –    1. 2. 3. 4. What the 7 minute video below to learn about the history of video-journalism, present day and future.   experiential  anyone who aspires to work in the field will …

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Food and Beverage

Aspiring Chef Benefits of Working in the Food or Hospitality Industry Lots of Opportunityyou grow it, process, prepare or serve it Horizontal Movementstart as a junior, learn with the pros, move up as you learn Transferrable Skillscustomer service, communication skills, cultural awareness Social Interactionfun and serious, build up your resume and network Flexible Hourschoose it …

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Eco-Fashion Designer

Aspiring Eco-Fashion Designer What is Eco-Fashion? Eco-fashion is a growing movement to change how fashion is produced and recycled. Across the globe, supported by changing consumer expectations and the sustainability goals of countries and the United Nations, the trillion dollar fashion industy – full of STEAM career possibilities – is entering a new era that …

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Surquillo Market

Surquillo Market Today, Maddie and I are going to the market.  Neither of us like the market but we go there for my snacks, people food, and Maddie’s sewing lessons. Maddie doesn’t like the market because the smell of fish, chicken, and goat mixed together make her gag. Mostly we avoid that section and go …

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Huaca Pucllana

huaca pucllana Somethings happening.  I feel it! I think we’re going on an adventure! GG made egg salad sandwiches and put my cheese treats in the fun-day-bag. Maddie’s got my harness.  Yup! I’m going too! Please excuse me while I chase my tail for a few moments.                 …

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Choco Museo

choco museo – COMING SOON – Do you have a cross-cultural story to share?  Tell us your story and if we can write Wynn into it – and you agree – we’ll publish it here and recognize your contribution. taledi publishing Instagram Facebook Instagram Youtube Do you have a cross-cultural adventure to share …

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