Maddie and Wynn

STEAM Careers


Video-Journalism Video-Journalist Apprentice WHAT IS video-journalisM? Video journalism is a form of journalism, where the journalist shoots, edits, and often presents (promotes) his or her own video material.¬†Wikipedia Across the globe, with phone, tablet or camera in hand, people of all ages and experiences are capturing facts and truths as they appear and sharing them …

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Food and Beverage

Aspiring Chef Benefits of Working in the Food or Hospitality Industry Lots of Opportunityyou grow it, process,prepare and/or serve it Horizontal Movementstart as a junior, learn with the pros, move up as you grow Transferrable Skillscustomer service, communication skills, person and cultural respect Social Interactionfun and serious, build up your resume and network Flexible Hourschoose …

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Eco-Fashion Designer

Eco (Sustainable) Fashion Designer Aspiring Eco-Fashion Designer WHAT IS Eco-fashion? Eco-fashion is a movement changing how fashion is produced and recycled.¬† Across the globe, consumer expectations and sustainability goals of individual countries and the United Nations are participating in a movement to change how trillion dollar fashion industry sources, creates and sells fashion. Eco-fashion designers …

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