Maddie and Wynn

Aspiring Eco-Fashion Designer

What is Eco-Fashion?

Eco-fashion is a growing movement to change how fashion is produced and recycled. Across the globe, supported by changing consumer expectations and the sustainability goals of countries and the United Nations, the trillion dollar fashion industy – full of STEAM career possibilities – is entering a new era that affects the entire system of fashion. 

Maddie’s interest in fashion began early when she modified clothes bought for her, into fashion that appealed to her personality. As her skills developed and assisted by a stitch and embroider sewing machine gifted to her, her design interests and possibilities expanded. She made a raincoat pattern and then a raincoat from her grandpa’s old coat for Wynn. She created a signature logo for her fashion line – Maddily Moddified and for Jojo Kofi Afram’s chef clothing. As her skills developed, she continued to discover new opportunities and possibilities. 

There are many career opportunities directly and indirectly related to fashion. If fashion interests you, Google some of the job titles listed below and get curious about the skills you need to be i.e. a fashion merchandiser, sales rep, accessories designer or other area related option.  If your interests continue, consider ways you can start to develop your skills, explore opportunities, and create your future through activites in school, at home or in the community.

What does it take to become a fashion designer?

Knowledge, skills, and competencies (also referred to as KSC or KSA(attitude)), include but may not be limited to: – 

– an interest or passion for fashion

– a good eye (natural or trained) for color and shape

– pattern making, stitching, cutting and sewing skills

– sketching skills (from stick people to advanced – any/all will support you (consider working with someone who sketches better than you do)

– attention to details (all those marks on the pattern matter 🙂

– willingness to work alone and/or with others

– appreciate learning from your mistakes and success

– willing to take calculated risks

– read magazines on fashion, watch online videos, follow designers, get a mentor
   (a mentor can be someone you know or someone you watch online or read about in magazines, books or elsewhere) 

– other (tbnamed)

Follow Maddie Leon here or through social media, as she persues her S.T.E.A.M. interest in eco-fashion.

Do you have a S.T.E.A.M. career interest?

How are you finding your way forward?

Share you career interest with us. With your permission and if we can, we'll post your career path here to help others find their way.

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