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Aspiring Eco-Fashion Designer

WHAT IS Eco-fashion?

Eco-fashion is a movement changing how fashion is produced and recycled. 

Across the globe, consumer expectations and sustainability goals of individual countries and the United Nations are participating in a movement to change how trillion dollar fashion industry sources, creates and sells fashion. Eco-fashion designers and consumers want to make and buy fashion that respects the environment and the employees making fashion. Eco-Fashion is a S.T.E.A.M. career as it relies on science, technology, engineering, art and math to create, to be the difference.

How to become a eco-fashion designer

1. Study the fashion industry (sector). Be curious about what is (current state) and what could be (eco-fashion). 

2. Create your own eco-fashion designs by reclaiming, thrifting and, or recycling clothes.

3. Learn to stitch, sew, mend and modify material to extend the longevity of textiles / fashions.

4. Watch videos on how to modify for example a man’s shirt into a dress, or your childhood raincoat or book back into boots for your dog.

5. Keep on learning; in classrooms, online and from those who are doing the work.

There are many career opportunities directly and indirectly related to fashion industry.
Some require more S.T.E.A.M. education and others require less. 

Align your passion with possibility – keep on learning and growing.

ECO-FASHION Knowledge, skills and competencies (Ksc) 

– interest or passion for fashion

– good eye (natural or trained) for color and shape

– pattern making, stitching, cutting, and sewing skills

– sketching skills (from stick people to advanced all are sketching)

– attention to details (all those marks on the pattern matter 🙂

– willingness to work alone and/or with others

– appreciate learning from your mistakes and success

– willing to take calculated risks

– finding a mentor (can be someone you know or someone you watch online or read about) 

ECO-FASHION champions

Maddie Leon* (Canada/Peru/France/Ghana). To learn more read The Adventures of Maddie Leon or follow her through social media – see links below. *Maddie Leon is the fictitious protagonist in The Adventures of Maddie Leon.

Other International Champions include: 

Stella McCartney (UK), Sandra Sandor (Budapest), Eileen Fisher (USA), Kate Jones (UK),  Spencer Phipps (EU), Mara Hoffman (US), Maggie Marilyn (NZ), Rag & Bone, Hilary Taymour, Marine Serre (French), Emily Adams Bode (US), Gabriela Hearst (Uruguay)
To learn more google these names or visit 


To learn more Google ethical fashion, circular fashion, slow fashion, conscious fashion, upcycled fashion, refashioned fashion.


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