Maddie and Wynn

huaca pucllana - dig it!

Somethings happening. 

I can feel it. 

I think we’re going on an adventure today!

GG made egg salad sandwiches and put some of my cheese treats in the fun-day-bag. 

Maddie’s got my harness and coat. 

Yeah! I’m going too!


Maddie and I sit in the back of the van because our mom doesn’t like dog hair on her clothes.

Our dad drives. Grandmothers GG and Meme sit in the middle seat with Victor squished between them.

Victor used to sit in the back with Maddie and me but lately they’ve not been getting along, so our parents are keeping them separated.

I like it back here. I can look out the back window and Maddie opens the side slide window if I start panting or whimpering.


Today’s a special day. It’s Grandpa Leo’s birthday and we are going to Huaca Pullama* to have a remembering day.

Grandpa Leo died a while ago. When he was alive he worked as an archaeologist at Huaca Pullama.

While Maddie fits me into my carrier case our Dad gets the tickets.

We are making friends real fast here. Everyone seems to know us!

Trust your Intuition

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