Maddie and Wynn

Somethings happening. 

I feel it!

I think we’re going on an adventure!

GG made egg salad sandwiches and put my cheese treats in the fun-day-bag.
Maddie’s got my harness. 

Yup! I’m going too!

Please excuse me while I chase my tail for a few moments.


Maddie and I sit in the back of the van because our mom doesn’t like dog hair on her clothes – or in her mouth!

Our dad drives. 

“Too fast Russell!” our mom always says. 

The grandmothers, GG and Même sit in the middle seat with Victor squished between them.

Victor used to sit in the back with Maddie and me, but lately they argue a lot, so they got separated.

I like it back here. I can look out the window and watch for chipmunks and birds hopping on the ground. I stand on Maddie’s legs, bark at them and scratch at the window to show them how tough I am. They don’t pay attention to me until I’m allowed out – then I chase them. 

Maddie says “No!”, but I’m a dog. Dogs chase things. But don’t chase llamas. They spit and kick!


Today’s is LEO LEON DAY at Huaca Pullama(1).

Leo Leon is Maddie’s grandfather and our dad’s father. He was a famous archaeologist (2), so people are coming here to celebrate him.

Maddie says there are lots of bones here but I’ not allowed to chew them. She didn’t tell me there would be guinea pigs!

 I turn and squirm in my case because I smell guinea pig. I hear their cuy cuy cuying noises.


Oh Oh! Victor’s in trouble for kicking up a dust storm because our guide said, ‘Peruvians eat guinea pig’.

“Its wrong to eat guinea pigs,” he says stubbing his toe in the red soil and flicking it in the air.

“Not wrong in Peru,” the guide tells him.

They do look like good food to me.

“You eat weird food,” Maddie says.

Oh Oh! Here they go! They do a lot of talking to each other but not much listening or caring what the other has to say.

“We don’t eat guinea pig,” he says kicking the dirt so hard it is getting in my eyes.

“Well, you eat frogs’ legs and SNAILS,” Maddie says, holding her hands on her hips so her elbows poke me.

“Escargot,” he shouts and then our dad steps in between them. 

Yup, there is going to be a talk about differences.


I don’t understand all the fuss. 

I eat anything. Well mostly anything. 

Maddie’s mom says I’m a mooch and I better improve or there will be trouble for me.

I don’t want any trouble. I try my best to stay out of the garbage but when our friend Jojo comes over with good smelling food, I still beg.

Maddie and I love Jojo’s food, and Jojo too.

He brings us food from his cooking classes. Jojo is going to be a famous chef when he grows up. For now, he’s learning and we get to learn with him.

We try his food. Sometimes we like it. Sometimes we don’t. 

Its okay not to like the food, but its not okay to dislike the people who made it or the culture it came from. 

If you are going to try a new food you must be willing, like me. 

Try a little bit. Taste it. Can you taste the spice or a secret seasoning? 

Whatever you decide – be kind – remember everyone has their likes. One cultures food is not better than another, its simply different. 

If you try it, you might like it.

(1) Huaca Pucllana is a pre-Incan adobe site in the city of Lima, Peru. You can walk around this site to discover history and see the restoration.

(2) Archaeologist study things that people made, used, and left behind last year or centuries ago.


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