Maddie and Wynn

The adventures of maddie leon

A Continental Shift

Life as she likes it is busted when Maddie’s parents accept an anthropology assignment in Peru. 

Leaving Vancouver sucks! Then she meets Jojo Kofi Afram, rescues Wynn from a dog’s life on the streets and becomes inspired to share her talents with others.

Life should be great – but it isn’t! Its full of cultural confusion, change, and uncertainty that risks becoming downright dreadful when Victor and Meme come to live with them. 

The Adventures of Maddie Leon – A Continental Shift, is the first in a 3-part adventure series for middle graders who aspire to be culturally aware and globally engaged.

Table of Contents

Chapter 6 - 13

Who are You? | Jojo Kofi Afram | 
Lima, Peru  | Grandpa's Map |
Surquilla Market |
Wynn the Peruvian Dog |
HBIPS |  Taco Night |

Chapter 14 - 19

TGIF | La Niña | Stranded |
The Carmelites | Market Day |
Maddily Modified Reconfigured |

Chapter 20 - 24

Meme and Victor |
Yes! Things Can Get Worse |
On Assignment | Lost Again |
Ties That Bind | 


Global Citizenship |
Cultural Awareness |
Career Constellations |
Discover Learning |

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