Maddie and Wynn

The Adventures of Maddie Leon
– A Continental Shift –


   Maddie’s plans for the best summer ever are shattered when her parents accept a cultural anthropology assignment in Peru. Leaving her friends, hopes, and Vancouver to live in Lima totally sucks!

   Then she meets Jojo Kofi Afram, another culturally transported kid, rescues Wynn from a life on the streets and discovers new ways to pursue her eco-fashion ambition.

   Life should be great-but it’s not! Her mom wants her to be more ‘regular’. She misses Jenna and Grandpa Leo to the stars and back, and now Tata M is sick with the forgetting disease. 

  Four cultures, trouble at school and changing family dynamics are a lot for any teen to deal with!


Follow Maddie Leon online or in-print as she and her companions
learn to hang on and let go in times and places of change, uncertainty, and possibility. 

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The Adventures of Maddie Leon: A Continental Shift
is the first in a trilogy about knowing and staying true to self in ever-changing circumstances.

Coming Soon: The Adventures of Maddie Leon: The Atlantic Crossing
Coming Later: The Adventures of Maddie Leon: A Ghanaian Semester

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