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Beta Readers’ Feedback


Maddie is a lovable character, half Irish (Canadian), half Peruvian, living in Vancouver and about to have her world turned upside down for the good or bad, when her parents announce they are re-locating to Lima (Peru). These first five chapters of The Adventures of Maddie Leon have turned out to be a compelling and captivating read. When completed, I am sure this will be an excellent and informative middle-grade book and make an excellent series. S S Saywack (Author of the Mary Finch Mystery series).



Other Writers’ Feedback


Maddie is a compelling character who strength and possibilities build, as she finds her way. WriteOn! Kelowna member and published author.




Authors’ Comparable


Inquisitor’s Tale by Adam Gitwitz, unpacks the sensitivity of identity within a cultural context and reveals how change and uncertainty can be a gift. 


An Accidental Odyssey by KC Dryer, tells the tale of how an unexpected event can derail one’s life and offer more than one could ask for, or expect.


The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart, is a story about wandering and discovering no matter where you are, there you are, and so too are those you’ve loved and lost. 


The Sound of Life and Everything by Krista Van Dolzer, a speculative-historical fiction about discovering how much and how little one can know about everything, through a singular perspective. 




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