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Jojo Kofi Afram* was born in Ghana, West Africa. When his parents went to Canada and then Peru to study sustainable farming practices, he travelled with them. There he expanded his culinary interests to include culturally twisted cuisine. Mixing cultures through cuisine, Jojo came to see that cultures are more the same than they are different.   

Check out Jojo’s Culturally Twisted Cuisine that emphasizes the sameness and difference about the food we eat. 

Try some of his receipes or send us one of your culturally twisted cuisines. If we can, with your permission, will include them here.




*Jojo Kofi Afram is a fictious character. You can read more about Jojo in The Adventures of Maddie Leon.

Content for this site is both curated and original.

EggS: kelly-neil/unsplash,  christian-coquet/unsplash 
pancakeS: FX NATURAL PHOTOGRAPHY, jelleke-vanooteghem/unsplash

Do you have a culturally influenced recipe or idea to share with our readers?

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If we can and with your permission, we'll include it here.

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