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cultural twists on potatoes from

Canada - France - Ghana - Peru








Fun Facts

  • Peru has 3800 varieties of potatoes; differing in size, shape, color, skin, pulp, texture and taste
  • Oldest archeological discovery of potatoes was near Lake Titicaca in Peru 
  • Potato crops, like rice, wheat, and maize are important to the world’s diet
  • Potatoes are also known as spuds (Canada), papa (Peru), pomme de terre (France), aborodwomaa (Twi / Ghana)


Potato Day

August 18th

food (IN)Security

If you’ve read The Adventures of Maddie Leon, you know  Jojo Kofi Afram aspires to be a famous chef. He also aspires to increase awareness of food insecurity and food security. 

Food insecurity is the inability to acquire or consume an adequate diet (quality and quantity). Poverty, hunger and food insecurity are related. Food security means all people, at all times, have sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet their needs for a healthy life. 

Visit a Peruvian Market in Lima to celebrate Potatoes for All

Walk with this Ghanian farmer as he tends to his crop.

Canada and France are key exporters of wheat to countries in need. 

Ride along with two Alberta farmers to learn about farming wheat

Want to improve your food security? Consider growing potatoes in a garden or pot.

Check out this planting tips video
(2 min 40 sec) 

serve potatoes

  • hot or cold
  • topped or stuffed
  • at any meal 
  • as a snack 

top Potatoes

Baked Potatoe Toppings

  • beans
  • veggies
  • chili
  • cheese
  • eggs 
  • yogurt
  • butter
  • sour cream

French Fry Toppings

  • gravy
  • cheese sauce, shredded or curds
  • baked beans
  • vinegar
  • seasoning salt
  • barbeque sauce

What’s your favourite baked potatoe or french fries toppings?
Send us a message so we can include it on the list.

potatoe crust pizza

Watch Video (3 min 19 sec)

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