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Maddie has a passion for fashion. It began with a needle and thread and some lessons from her grandmother, GG. Then she got creative with markers, fabric paint, duct tape, and over the edge with a glue gun adding bling and appliques to anything she considered boring. 

Her friends tagged her refashioned fashion ‘Maddily Modified’.

At thirteen, she got a sewing machine that had embroidery and pattern making features. Now her creative possibilities opened wide. She made a leash, then another with matching collars and accessories for her dog Wynn. She gifted Jojo, his parents and hers, Jenna, and GG too, with fashionable kitchen-wear. She even found a way to help her Peruvian friends integrate cultural fashion into their tourist trinket business.

The more she worked at refashioning fashion from discarded or thrifted clothes, the more excited she got about redesigning them, reducing the impact of dumping textiles in landfills and living out her passion.

Now she’s working on her own fashion line for teens, young adults, and dogs with other environmentally concerned refashionists and entrepreneurs. 

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For more information on Maddie and Wynn’s reFashioned Fashion social enterprise initiative
that keeps textiles out of landfills, lifts up individuals, families, and communities while producing
unique one-of-kind fashion at accessible prices visit
taledi.ca/upcycled-fashion or contact us at info@maddie-and-wynn.com.

Terresa Augustine has been establishing, steering, and guiding entrepreneurial initiatives for more than 20 years. She serves as managing director of TaLedi Enterprise Development Inc., contributes advice and mentorship to indigenous and non-indigenous clients of Canada’s Executive Services Organization (ceso-saco.com) and non-profit and community associations where she holds or has held various board and leadership roles.  For more information on Terresa’s background and current projects visit taledi.ca

interested in being a refashonist or establishing a refashion sewing circle in your community?

Contact info@maddie-and-wynn.com making reference to refashioned fashion in the subject line.