Maddie and Wynn

Follow Maddie Leon as she explores her STEAM interest in eco-fashion,
Jojo Kofi Afram as he pursues his interest to be a Michelin Chef,
Victor St. Clair as he discovers all the careers where he can apply
his video-journalism passion.

Google-search for STEAM Careers to learn more or visit
The Institute for Art Integration, they have lots of info to share with you.
(click on infographic below

Terresa Augustine (nee Davis) has been facilitating, developing, and promoting career development for 20+ years. Nominated by her peers, Terresa served as British Columbia’s representative on the Government of Canada’s National Integrated Development Strategy to raise awareness and develop mechanisms to address Canada’s present and future career needs (2003 – 2007), chaired BC’s Career Information Partnership Network (2002 – 2003) and served as Executive Director of the Career Management Association of BC (2001 – 2005). 

Complementing her practical experience in career development, Terresa has a post-graduate certificate in Career Development from Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC Canada) and a Masters’ degree focused on leadership in a cross-cultural content. For more information on Terresa’s background and current projects visit

finding your S.T.E.A.M.

Share your career interests with us. If we can, with your permission we'll post your career path here so others can learn from you.

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