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maddie and Wynn's refashioned fashion story

Maddie* has a passion for fashion. She started by modifying clothes her mom brought home. She’d stitch on patches, add lace, trim, buttons to any article that wasn’t a Maddie-fit. Her friends tagged her fashion ‘Maddily Modified’. 

At thirteen, she received a sewing and embroidery machine from her grandparents. Having a machine to assist her, she began coordinating Wynn’s fashion, making matching leashes, jackets, and accessories for her beloved dog. With the help of her friend Jojo, she made aprons and kitchen accessories for him, herself, their families, and friends. She even discovered that repurposed fashion could help a family rethink their textile business and help lift them out of poverty. 

Along her fashion journey she learned about the environmental impact of dumping textiles and fashion that could or should be upCycled, rePurposed, and/or reFashioned. She also discovered, her passion for fashion was an in-demand S.T.E.A.M. career combining Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math to address new and emerging opportunities. 

Maddie’s career ambition is to be an eco-fashion designer and join with other environmentally concerned entrepreneurs and corporations to produce upcycled fashion for teens, adults, and fashion runways. 

You can learn more about The Adventures of Maddie Leon through this website. 


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Maddie and Wynn’s reFashioned Fashion store.

To learn more about Maddie and Wynn’s reFashioned Fashion, a social enterprise initiative that keeps textiles out of landfills, lifts up individuals, families, and communities and puts teens and adults into unique one-of-kind fashion at accessible prices visit or contact terresa @ taledi . ca.

*Maddie is the fictitious protagonist in the The Adventures of Maddie Leon series, created by Terresa (Davis) Augustine.  

Environmental Impact of Textile Dumping

Terresa Augustine has been establishing, steering, and guiding entrepreneurial initiatives for more than 20 years. She serves as managing director of TaLedi Enterprise Development Inc., contributes advice and mentorship to indigenous and non-indigenous clients of Canada’s Executive Services Organization ( and non-profit and community associations where she holds or has held various board and leadership roles.  For more information on Terresa’s background and current projects visit

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