Maddie and Wynn

Surquillo Market

Today, Maddie and I are going to the market. 

Neither of us like the market but we go there for my snacks, people food, and Maddie’s sewing lessons.

Maddie doesn’t like the market because the smell of fish, chicken, and goat mixed together make her gag. Mostly we avoid that section and go straight to Señora Louisa’s sewing shop or Señor Edgar’s cheese shop. 

I like the cheese shop best. IN FACT, the only thing I like better than cheese, is Maddie. Maddie is my hero. She rescued me from a dog’s life on the street. 

My first people tied me to a bench at the market and never came back. I was scared. I had no food or water, and no safe place to sleep or even hide. 

The other dogs bully you and shopkeepers chase you away if you don’t have a collar or tags. If you are tied to the bench they leave you alone because they expect your people will come back for you.

Lucky for me, Señor Edgar found me shivering and crying under that bench when he was heading home. He hid me in his cheese shop until the perfect people to be my next family came along. 

Now I live with Maddie, her grandmother GG, mom and dad, and Victor and his Grandma Même. Victor and his grandma used to live far away but they came to live with us when Même got the forgetting disease. 


I am usually a brave and curious dog but when it comes to the market the bad memories make me all jittery. 

Maddie does her best to comfort me. If I get to stressed she puts me into the carrier case she made out of her old school bag. Maddie is a amazing at making old fashion into new, fresh and funky stuff. “Maddily Modified,” she calls it.   


As Maddie and I get closer to the market we hear a shop keeper yelling. He’s jabbing his broom at something or someone. When a dog yelps, I bark, and Maddie shouts “He’s just hungry.” 

“He is a bad dog!” the shopkeeper shouts back. 

“Why can’t you give him something to eat?” Maddie asks.

“I don’t feed strays!” he says, turning his back on us and returning to the market. 


Street dogs make Maddie and me, mad and sad.

Maddie’s mad because she doesn’t think people should abandoned their dogs. She remembers how scared I was when she first saw me hiding under Señor Edgar’s cheese cooler. I was scrunched up in the furthest corner, shaking in my fur. 

Once Maddie finishes making my new raincoat and boots, we are going to have a protest about abandoning dogs. We made signs that read DON’T ABANDON DOGS and DOGS MATTER TOO. Maddie writes the words and I put my paw prints on the sign.

Not everyone gets a good family like I have. I wish they could because dogs need love and care just like people do – cats, guinea pigs, horses, birds, snakes too.

Please don’t abandon your dog. We get scared and hungry when we are alone.

If you can’t take care of your dog anymore, please find someone to love them.

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